Your Gut Trusts You.

People always say “trust your gut” but seem to forget that trust goes two ways. Your gut is trusting you to eat what it needs in order for it to be healthy and thrive!

Did you know that on average Americans eat less than one-third of the FDA daily recommended fiber amount? That’s a recipe for gastric distress. That’s why we only use ingredients proven to have gut-healthy results.

Meet Odyssey's Ingredients

Odyssey Bar Chicory Root

Prebiotic Fiber

Chicory Root is our favorite form of inulin, a prebiotic fiber that supports the good bacteria in the microbiome. Chicory root is actually a part of the dandelion family! Luckily, it tastes much better than your average dandelion.

Odyssey Bar Dates

Organic Dates

Not April 25th (IYKYK) and not a Tinder meetup, we’re talking about the delicious fruit that comes from the date palm. This is the main sweetener we use instead of those bad-for-your-gut sugar alcohols that a lot of other protein bars have.

Odyssey Bar Superfoods


We can’t guarantee that you will get superpowers from the special blend of superfoods (kale, spinach and sometimes, quinoa crisps) we put in our bars, but we can guarantee that your body will thank you for eating it. Plus, we put so many delicious organic ingredients in our bars that your taste buds will have zero idea the superfoods are even there.

Now, what’s with all the prebiotic talk?


In short, probiotics eat prebiotics.

Most people have heard of probiotics, those cute little healthy bacteria that hang out in your digestive tract all day.

Prebiotics are, simply put, food for the trillions of probiotics that live in your gut. Probiotics need to eat prebiotics to survive. On the other hand, prebiotics are useless without existing probiotics in the body. You need both working together to improve the digestive process.

Treat yourself with our Prebiotic Protein Bars! And by “self”, we mean your probiotics.

Those bacteria will chant your name and might even start a holiday in your honor.

Our Bars Are The Real Deal

At Odyssey, we’re anti-fake. We keep all those fake ingredients, like sugar alcohols, out of our bars so you can be confident that you’re putting nothing but goodness into your gut.

Wow that sounds so amazing,


Luckily, you aren’t.

Grab some of our bars today and enjoy what your gut has been missing out on.

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