The Protein Bar Your Gut’s Been Waiting For

You shouldn’t have to ditch convenience — and a healthy gut — when it comes to snacking. Our gluten-free recipe works to keep you feeling good, with real ingredients.

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  • Gluten Free
  • Less than 220 cal
  • No Sugar Alcohols
  • Prebiotic Fibers
Odyssey Bars Odyssey Bars

What’s with all the prebiotic talk? In short,

probiotics eat prebiotics.

Prebiotics are food for the trillions of probiotics that live in your gut. Probiotics need to eat prebiotics to survive. You need both working together to improve the digestive process.

Odyssey Bars Odyssey Bars

Most protein bars today aren’t great for your digestive health, cause bloating, and contain processed ingredients.

Luckily, we’re here to help!

Odyssey supports your digestive health with prebiotic fiber. Our bars also contain all natural sugar and zero sugar alcohols. And to top it all off, they have amazing taste thanks to the real flavor they get from the real foods we put in them.

Odyssey Triangle

Customer Reviews

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Ellen Ingraham

I am picky about my bars. Really liked these!

Deb Macri
The wrappers smell like paint

I’m so sorry to write this review so negatively…but….if your going to promote such a healthy bar…you shouldn’t wrap it in a wrapper that smells toxic…I tried the blueberry vanilla and it was just ok…but I’m more of a chocolate and pb gal so I was saving the best for last 😉…unfortunately never made it to those other flavors as I was so turned off by the smell…therefore I wouldn’t order again!!😕

Mark Smith

I have tried many nutritional bars over the years. Unfortunately, after I found one that I really liked, with excellent ingredients, the company went out of business. Then I found another one, and that company also went out of business! Before discovering Odyssey, I became fond of two other bars, but they both have their downsides. I really like the taste of Odyssey and the healthy ingredients. Odyssey may possibly become my favorite bar, next. And they have the best name of all of them. Go, Odysseus! And fantastic customer service. Really -- surprisingly excellent responses to my concerns.


Variety Pack; 6ct Box

Meets all my dietary needs!

Being a Celiac with T1D and someone who cares about everything i put into my body, I really appreciate these prebiotic bars that are GF DF and SF! I really loved the dairy free ones. The Dark Chocolate almond was my fav and my dairy eating husband liked the mint one the best!