Why Odyssey?

Why Odyssey?

Everyone is becoming increasingly concerned about meeting their protein requirements. Rightfully so! We need protein is the building block of our cells and our bodies need adequate amounts. However, it can be difficult to get the right amount of protein in our diet especially when we are busy/on the run all the time. Protein bars have become a popular snack choice for people who are looking for a quick and convenient way to fuel their bodies with essential nutrients. Among the various protein bar brands on the market, I, nutritional sciences and dietetics major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recommend Odyssey bars. They have gained a reputation for their high-quality ingredients and balanced nutrition profile. In this blog, I will compare Odyssey bars to other popular protein bar brands to show you why I choose Odyssey bars.

One popular protein bar brand on the market is Quest Nutrition. Quest bars are known for their high protein content and low sugar levels, which is great. However, they often contain artificial sweeteners and flavors, which is not unusual for protein bars. However, why settle for artificial sweeteners and flavors when you can choose Odyssey bars. Odyssey bars are made with natural ingredients like nuts, seeds, and fruits, and they are low in sugar like Quest as well (often lower in sugar than Quest bars)!

Another popular protein bar brand is KIND, which I have loved for years before finding Odyssey bars. KIND bars are known for their unique blend of nuts, fruits, and spices, which provide a satisfying flavor and texture. While KIND bars taste great and have an amazing texture, they are often lower in protein than Odyssey bars. Odyssey bars are specifically designed to offer a high protein snack to the public while KIND bars are not. If you are looking to easily and quickly up your protein intake Odyssey bars would be the better choice over KIND bars.

RXBAR is another popular protein bar brand that I see everywhere. They are known for their simple and natural ingredients. RXBARs are made with egg whites, nuts, and dates, which provide a great source of protein and fiber. The downside to RXBARs is that they do not have a wide range of flavors and contain eggs which is not suitable for vegans or those with egg allergies. In comparison, Odyssey bars come in a range of flavors and are often free from common allergens like soy, gluten, and dairy.

Lastly, another protein bar you might have strolled past in your local grocery store is the Larabar. Larabar is a protein bar brand that is made with only a few simple ingredients, like dates, nuts, and spices. If you are looking for a minimal and natural ingredient bar, Larabar would not be a bad choice, however, they are often lower in protein and higher in sugar than Odyssey bars.

Overall, Odyssey bars are a great protein bar option for people who are looking for a protein bars made with high-quality and natural ingredients. While other protein bar brands like Quest, KIND, RXBAR, and Larabar have their unique benefits, Odyssey bars stand out for their unique blend of protein and fiber and their wide range of flavor options.

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